I have been practicing meditation under the guidance of my Guru and Mother for over 12 years. I have come to realise the obvious truth that our lives are never constant – and probably are not meant to be; but that somewhere within all of us feel a need for a sense of balance and peace in life.

In all these years, meditation has helped me gain balance and peace whenever I have needed to, in the face of personal, professional or other issues. It is an inner guiding force, and with time, it becomes one’s inner guiding voice. The technique that I have been taught is a simple technique which reconnects me to my inner or spiritual self every time I seek to do so, without fail.

I would not hesitate to testify that I cannot imagine a simpler way in which one can feel a sense of divine grace, peace, balance and silent strength. This meditation is the true remedy for the disillusionment and disenchantment that we tend to feel so often in these times. I am blessed, lucky and eternally thankful to have discovered this technique and met my Guru in this day and age.

Nandish Vyas

Partner Veritas Legal, Mumbai

Villy Doctor and I go back 30 years when the world was young and Villy was the Department Head of Psychology at Sophia College. Even then there was this special quality about her that stood out. That spiritual luminescence has exploded, transforming her into a spiritual master of our times.

She is doing tremendous work for humanity through her school for the poor children in Karjat. Her senior citizen project promises to be a perfect model that other organizations should emulate. She travels tirelessly around the world to bring peace and healing to the hopeless. I am very grateful to have witnessed this flowering that has touched all aspects of my life. She is a great example of how true connection with the Divine can bring about an inner revolution.

Roopa Patel

Former Sectoral Head of Arts at the British Council, Mumbai

I have been with the grace and blessings of Mother Villy practicing this mediation for 20 years and it has helped me grow in all aspects of my life. It has helped me become healthier (my stress related digestion issues and ulcers cleared), more focused & present at work and most importantly taught me to forgive myself and others. All this works out automatically as the nerve centers (chakras) clear with regular practice of meditation.

Satya Meditation grounds me in life and at the same time I am filled with such peace, love and oneness with God & the universe. It has also helped me get to know myself better and realize my full potential as a peaceful, loving, & forgiving person.

Divya Shownkeen

IT Consultant, Dallas, TX (USA)

I have been truly blessed by God to have Ma in my life. I have known her for almost 18 years and she has irrevocably and positively transformed my life in a myriad of ways, teaching me empathy, generosity and compassion for everyone.

She guides one selflessly and nurtures us like a mother would. Picks us up when we fall, loves us unconditionally. One has to truly experience her presence to fully appreciate her persona. She is an enigma to the human mind. Kind-hearted and generous of herself in helping all those who come her way no matter who they may be, caste or creed matters none.

An embodiment of pure love and consciousness Ma envelopes all of us with her pure love. Her patience and empathy makes one feel so complete it is hard to describe. My life would not be as enriched nor I the person I am had it not been for Ma teaching me, guiding me to go beyond the human limitations of selfishness.

Unless you experience her, imbibe her teachings you will perhaps not reach your full potential as a human being. I thank you Satyavati Ma for guiding me, nurturing me and loving me unconditionally.

A. Khan

Designer, Lahore

For around a year before I met Villy Doctor, I was in search of a spiritual guide. But I had very specific things that I required a guide to have. It had to be free of cost. It had to be without any religious bars and no restrictions of any kind. I wanted to be free and to be guided.

I came to know about Villy Doctor through a patient of mine. She said, that she conducts these classes which has no bars of any kind, no restrictions, no dress code, nothing. Exactly what I needed. I went with a friend the first day. Of course being a so call intellectual, I don’t like to believe anybody without proof! Unfortunately or fortunately I went into an advance class. I did not know anything about meditation. I did not know anything about any of the chakras, nor awakening, nothing. During her class she said “Don’t worry about anything. Everything will take care of itself, just follow instructions.” Like an obedient pupil I just went on following her instructions. She told us to close our eyes, keep our palms open and just feel.

That’s it. Soon as she started guiding me, I felt as though my whole body was going into rigors. I felt my hands, legs were shaking. I had no control at all over my body. My eyelids were flapping fast. I felt as if I was elevating, in fact, at one point I just opened my eyes to see if I was really above the ground because there was such a tremendous feeling of lightness. As she went away the vibrations started receding. Again when she came close, the same experience. This went on for a couple of times and I was a convert. I said ‘My God’. For someone who doesn’t know anything, if this can happen in the first experience, what can happen if you continue doing it? Of course there is a saying in Marathi – chamatkar seeva namsakar nahi, that means for many of us without some miracles happening in our life we will not bow down, we will not listen to our spirit. I probably needed that because my level of my skepticism was too much before even beginning anything.

Dr. Sujata Wagle

Head of Physiotherapy Department, Breach Candy Hospital, Mumbai


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